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Fancy Food Show Report...

To sum it up: Uneventful. The best thing about last month's Fancy Food Show in San Francisco was that it was more balanced in products—not just ALL salsas, or ALL olive oils, or ALL barbecue sauce. Instead, we saw a better variety of merchandise. However: We did find three really unusual products that taste terrific—besides being unique. Look for future coverage on:

the beverage—a carbonated drink made from, well, hemp. With a THC content of less than .03, it's legal. Can't say we experienced any buzz from it, but the pleasant flavor had a spicy zing to refresh our tired souls.

a never-before imported fruit from Chile, related to the papaya. Quite extraordinary. This product is popping up in gourmet stores and the best restaurants. We'll have a story and recipes coming up.

Vodka Cheese:
Swedish cheese injected with vodka and aged for 14 months. A subtle but exciting taste, available in three vodka flavors: regular, currant and pepper (using Absolut, of course!). Skol!

Lamalle & Books For Cooks Bond

Our friends at Lamalle Kitchenware in NYC have revamped their store and their market. Many of you know "Books For Cooks" from their online store in our own Shopping. Now, they have a physical space in the Lamalle shop. Known as *the* cookware shop for professionals, Lamalle has expanded into the home cook market, snatching up a kitchenware buyer from Dean & Deluca, pumping in classical music, knocking down walls to let in more light, and offering celebrity book signings. Be sure to visit them next time you're in the Big Apple.

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