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Welcome to one of the most original fictional chef and restaurant series online. In this ongoing saga, written in 1996 and 1997, Chef Bob Munnich, aka Chef Boz, brings together the experiences of the dining public with those of the food service professionals. The idea is to show what elements go into creating the overall dining experience. From the diners who fail to show up for their reservations to the manager who overbooks, the actions on both sides contribute to the way a restaurant operates and the way the public perceives it.

Chef Boz masterfully takes us through these experiences from the back of the house (the kitchen) to the front of the house (the dining room), and even into the patrons' homes. You'll meet folks like yourselves, whether you are like Tom and Janice, the new customers, or Marcel the Maitre D'. And just like in real life, it has drama, romance, intrigue and fascinating characters.

Like a television mini-serial, you'll follow their dining story and hopefully look forward to each new episode. Whether you are a feeder or an eater, you're sure to enjoy Back of the House.


About Chef Boz


Photo: Chef Bob Munnich with Master Chef Jaques Pepin (right).

Chef Bob Munnich is Executive Chef at The Blue Bell Country Club in Pennsylvania. With over fifteen years experience in the restaurant industry, Chef Boz has done it all: dishwasher, waiter, line cook, sous chef, prep cook, kitchen manager, general manager and partner. He also dines out frequently with his wife, a professional pastry chef, and their two young children, budding chefs themselves. He is a big believer that foods taste best when they are made with love; and his warmth and commitment are evidenced in his live appearances on our AOL suite (1996-1997) and his Back of the House series.


Copyright © 1996, 1997 Bob Munnich. All Rights Reserved.

This page originally published as part of the electronic Gourmet Guide between 1994 and 1998.

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