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How would you feel if Alice Waters made lunch for your kids? Or Rick Bayless served dinner to your family? Well, every week, you can dine healthfully on meals created by master chefs such as these.

"Food, Family and Fun, A Seasonal Guide to Healthy Eating" was created by the USDA to commemorate 50 years of the federal school lunch program. Its seasonal recipes, tips and resources are superb. With 50 recipes from the nation's leading chefs, tested by the Culinary Institute of America, you and your family will realize that eating well really can mean eating in good taste.

As part of the USDA's Team Nutrition, we at Foodscape want all of our families and children to eat well. Every week, we'll bring you another recipe from this outstanding collection, plus cooking hints, seasonal produce lists, budget tips, food facts and occasional "School Lunch Recipes" that work just as well for adults.

Does Three-Grain Rice Pilaf sound appealing? How about Rhubarb-Strawberry Crisp? Or Harvest Pumpkin Bread? Cinco de Mayo Nachos strike a chord?

Some of the chefs that participated in creating this collection include: Michael Romano, Nora Pouillon, Robert Del Grande, Susan Spicer, Alice Waters, Marion Cunningham, Rick Bayless, Deanne Bayless, Susan Feniger, Mary Sue Milliken, Nancy Silverton, Evan Kleiman, Tommy Tang, Michael Lomonaco, Anne Rosenzweig, Douglas Rodrigues, Jimmy Schmidt, Odessa Piper, and many, many others.

Healthy eating does start at home. The key to eating well is summed up in the section "What is a Healthy Diet?" Make these tips and recipes part of your own sensible eating habits. Empower your children and yourself to make the right choices: understanding what and how we eat can change our behavior positively and successfully—for a lifetime.

To your health!


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