Quick Oriental Mushroom Soup
(Vegetarian Broth)

Serving Size: 1
Preparation Time: 0:06


You could call this soup Lily Pond with Goldfish, but I don't. I call it cheater, because when I must diet and get very hungry, I make this without the egg, and use it to cheat with. Sometimes the cheat gets pretty fancy, adding tofu, fresh bean sprouts, some watercress, poaching a few frozen shrimp, adding a little rice. You know how it goes when you are cheating. So I lied, I do make it with the egg, and break the egg in the soup when it's done. Sometimes I sort of hard poach the egg to get it chewy instead of silky. Depends on how I feel.

It is a quick vegetarian broth, to say the least.

  • 1 cup Water—boiling
  • 2 each Mushrooms, Shitake
  • 1 each scallion—shredded
  • 1 each ginger root slice—very thin
  • 1 inch konbu seaweed
  • Soy sauce, Tamari—to taste
  • 1 each egg—optional

Pour boiling water over mushrooms, konbu broken into 2 or three pieces, add a thin slice of ginger. Let steep 5 min. or until tender.

Season with soy sauce.

Bring to boil. Add scallions.

If you care to add an egg; cut the boiling water to a simmer and poach it. Then add scallion.


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