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Brisket of Beef BBQ Barbecue

Recipe by: John D. Auwen & Steve K. Holzinger
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Mix the ingredients and rub into the brisket and let marinate overnight in the refrig.

If you don't have bitter orange then chop or grind an orange, skin and pulp, and mix it with an equal volume of vinegar. Let stand a few days and then strain, saving the liquid. Try an Hispanic Grocery store.

If you don't have Woody's, well that is a problem. Send for free recipe cards: Woody's Foods, Inc., PO Box 60296, New Orleans, LA 70130

Tell them Steve from the eGG sent you, and where can you get their sauce near you? Show them the Power of the Net. Keep them cards and letters comin!

You could use your favorite BBQ sauce that has not too much sugar. Can you believe I saw corn syrup as the first ingredient in a major brand!

Preheat your oven to 210 F. Only two-hundred and ten! This is going to be low and slow! If you put the brisket in at about 8 AM it should be ready in about 10 hours...about 6 PM. I started mine at 6 AM, took it out at 4 PM at 170 F internal, and popped it back for 10 min at 350 when I started dinner.

It was perfect. If you saw the pictures, it really was a dark mahogony color. Beautiful, and not burnt a bit! Juicy tender and easy to slice.

Thank you John, great method. I'm going to try a Prime Rib this way, but only to rare.

PS. My son who lives and works in Pompano Beach sends me bitter oranges by mail. Picks them a little green. Priority mail =2 lbs for $3.00.

Folks plant them for decoration and the orange blossom smell.


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