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Barbecue BBQ Sauce Concentrate

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Mix all ingredients and let it age for a week or so to let the garlic and ginger work.

This is a concentrate. To serve over sliced meat, combine with equal volume of good brown gravy and simmer to combine flavors.

For Chopped Barbeque, add enough of the half and half to chopped cooked meat, pickles and onions to just bind. You may want to use more or less according to your taste. Great way to use up left overs.

You can cook chopped meat, pour off the grease, and then add pickles onions and the sauce.

Almost at the end of the charcoal grilling process, paint this on both sides of chicken, chops and steaks. Just cook enough to dry it on. Use undiluted.

Never add sugar....The hoisin has too much as it is.

You can always add more chilis to the sauce. I serve a bowl of fresh sliced chilis in vinegar, soy, ginger and also have hot red oil on the side. Knock yourself out.

Suggested Wine: Beer or Sangria goes with BBQ

Notes: Makes about 1 1/2 quarts


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