Santa Sez: Take This or Else!...


In our monthly emailed newsletter, the eGG-Roll, I asked readers what they want Santa to bring them:

Santa's budget just got cut and he's been bought out by the Food Mafia. If you could choose only ONE thing to receive for Christmas this year—and it had to be a CULINARY gift of some kind—what would you ask for? It could be food, a kitchen appliance, champagne, cookware, tableware, dinner, a book, spices—anything as long as it relates to food, wine, cooking or eating. Be very specific, Santa doesn't have a lot of time or patience anymore. Capisce??? Send your emails to santa@globalgourmet.com and mark the subject line: DEAR SANTA.

-- Here's what our wonderful readers replied...


Dear Santa,

Please bring me Julia Child to cook for me for a year! P.S.—She can bring her cooking utensils, food, etc. with her.

Thanks! If I get her to cook for me for a year, I will never ask you for anything else ever again....well maybe just a couple more things.....



Dear Santa:

Your elf helper did not mention any limits on our Christmas Wish, our only instructions were to make it brief and make it culinary-related in some ways. So here's mine: I'd love a chef for a year. Ideally, he'd appear a couple of weeks before Christmas to help with the mandatory holiday baking. (I get tired of doing all those dozens of brownies and cookies by myself!) The rest of the year, he could just make dinner--something I used to love and now regard as an unmitigated chore. (The thrill, alas, is gone--although it does get whetted from time to time when I run across a good recipe, or read a great cookbook...) I don't care if Chef Cadeau cooks each night or puts up enough interesting things a couple times a week to get us through till the next time he shows up. As long as all I have to do when they ask "Hey Mom, what's for dinner? is say: "Darlings, I don't know...Let's see what kind of fabulous things Chef Cadeau left for us this time."

If you can see your way to granting my wish, Santa, I promise to leave a big hunk of the flourless Hungarian torte you love. That's the one with the apricot filling and the ganache icing, remember? (Let me know whether you still take that schlag barely sweetened, and whether the Jamaica Blue Mountain has been replaced by decaf....)

Can we talk?

Karen Grigsby Bates


Dear Santa,

If I were to ask for any "one" culinary item from you this year.... well...hmmmm....I guess it would just have to be a professional chef to come to my home for a year to do all my cooking!!! :o) I know that is a VERY tall order......and also know that it probably isn't possible....so I guess the next best thing would be a complete set of professional cookware, and bakeware...and the utensils to use with it!!! I've been a VERY good girl this year, Santa....and this is what I would really like for Christmas!!! My family (and I) are moving into a brand new house right before christmas....and what a wonderful surprise it would be!!! Thank-you, Santa!

Sandi Ford


Dear Santa,

I want a recipe that makes broccoli taste like prime rib and "The Cook's Bible" by Christopher Kimball.

Lynn Kerrigan
The Culinary Sleuth


Dear Santa,

I am 79, and I've never had good china. I would love to have dinnerware by Lennox in the Autumn pattern! Hope you get what you want!

Angela A


Dear Santa,

I am a single mom struggling through culinary school and would love, love, love, LOVE a Kitchen Aid mixer or equivalent (counter top model) any color (black or white if there is a choice)! Christmas is usually just for the kids but I've been a good girl this year. Too Good!!

Still believing in you!!

Stephanie Schutz


Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas in my kitchen is a Giant Top of the Line Kitchen Aide Mixer with all the attachments.

Thank you
I'll be waiting
and waiting....


Dear Santa,

At the top of my "culinary" wish list (and the wish list of my four children) is a soft ice cream machine (electric with it's own refrigeration unit).


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