Schmaltz (Chicken or Goose Fat)

Preparation Time: 1:00

  1. Put all ingredients in a heavy pot with a cover on a medium fire. As the water boils, it will begin to render the fat. Leave the cover on until the sound of the water boiling and crackling is done. Remove the cover and lower the heat to low.
  2. Drain the clear fat at the first sign of browning. This is the clearest portion and is good as a spread for bread.
  3. Allow the remainder to cook on low heat. The onions will brown and should be removed before they get too brown. The skin will get brown and almost crisp, and the fat rendered may be darker in color. Save this darker fat, skin cracklings and onions for making chopped liver.

Notes: In Europe rendered chicken or goose fat is prized as a spread for bread. It also can be used in potato pancakes to enhance the flavor. Originally, potato pancakes fried in rendered goose fat were traditional at Chanukah.


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