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A Thanksgiving Celebration Menu

Holiday Feature  
"Here's to the blessings of the year,
Here's to the friends we hold so dear,
To peace on earth, both far and near."

Please be a part of our family for this year's Thanksgiving Celebration.


Roasted Turkey
....basted with Herb Seasonings, Garlic and Olive Oil
Cornbread-Water Chestnut Stuffing
...filled with olives, pine nuts and aromatics
Giblet Gravy
...always the star of the meal
Cranberry-Orange Relish
...with a warm hint of ginger and cloves
Green Beans and Pecan Salad
...crisp and tart to set off the bounty of flavors
Pumpkin & Pecan Pies
...a traditional sweet touch to end the year's most anticipated meal

November 23, 2008





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