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Chapter 6. Roasting a Turkey

Turkey Prep

Earlier cookbooks recommended longer cooking times, but with today's turkeys bred with more white meat, such times will result in dry, overcooked birds. Follow our tips for roasting and checking the temperature to achieve a perfectly cooked bird.


Q: How do I keep the breast meat moist when cooking?

A: The best way is to cook the turkey at a low temperature like 325 degrees F. And to remove it from the oven when just done. While some people feel basting is unnecessary since it doesn't permeate the skin, others recommend basting and these techniques for keeping the bird moist:

Turkey Tip: To prevent the skin from overbrowning, shield the breast with a tented piece of foil, then remove it the last 45-60 minutes of cooking to allow the skin to brown.

Turkey Tip: While the turkey is resting before carving, take this time to make the gravy. By the time the gravy is done, the turkey should be just about ready to serve.

FoodWine's Perfect Turkey Handbook

Preface: Safety Tips Before Cooking

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Chapter 6. Roasting the Turkey

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FoodWine's Perfect Turkey Handbook
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