Culinary Sleuth

Gifts From The Heart
and The Heart of The Kitchen
—Part II

by Lynn Kerrigan


In one of those Martha Stewart type of moods? Last month, our Culinary Cyber-Sleuth Lynn Kerrigan treated us to holiday food gifts you can make at home. Here, she continues with more goodies, from black-tie booze to doggie biscuits. Grab your measuring spooons, strap on your glue gun and take aim. Christmas is just around the corner! —KH


Culinary Sleuth's Gifts From The Heart

Party Nut Mixes
Great Granola
Specialty Spice Mixes
Brandied Vanilla Essence
Hot Fudge Sauce
Black Tie Booze
Don't Forget Fido: Holiday Dog Biscuits
Wrapping It Up

Part I


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