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Autumn Roast Duck (eGGsalad)
Beef Sweetbreads in Mushroom Sauce (eGGsalad)
Black Tie Booze (Culinary Sleuth)
Braised Brisket of Beef (eGGsalad)
Brandied Vanilla Essence (Culinary Sleuth)
Breast of Mallard with Morels and Pistachio-Encrusted Figs (John Manikowski)
Brown Stock—Estouffade (eGGsalad)
Calvados Pheasant (John Manikowski)
Chicken Stew Chasseur (eGGsalad)
Cornbread-Water Chestnut Dressing (Kate Heyhoe)
Court Bouillon (eGGsalad)
Cranana Nut Bread (Global Gourmet)
Cranberry-Orange Relish (Kate Heyhoe)
Don't Forget Fido (Culinary Sleuth)
Dough Tips (Just Good Food...for Thought)
Fillet de Beouf aux Morilles (eGGsalad)
Giblet Gravy (Kate Heyhoe)
Golden Gouda Corn Gratin (Global Gourmet)
Great Granola (Culinary Sleuth)
Green Beans & Pecans Salad (Kate Heyhoe)
Grilled, Butterflied Wood Duck with Dried Cherry Sauce (John Manikowski)
Grilled Duck Breasts with Orange, Ginger and Balsamic Sauce (John Manikowski)
Herb Seasoned Roast Turkey (Kate Heyhoe)
Hot Fudge Sauce (Culinary Sleuth)
Leeky Pheasant (John Manikowski)
Oranges & Fennel Salad (Global Gourmet)
Party Nut Mixes (Culinary Sleuth)
Pheasant with Olives and Fresh Plums (John Manikowski)
Pockets with Tomato Mushroom Filling (Just Good Food...for Thought)
Quail sautéed with Melon, Thyme and Red Onion (John Manikowski)
Quick Turkey Stock (Kate Heyhoe)
Roast Breast of Turkey with Apple Cider (Jimmy Schmidt's Cooking Class)
Roast Guinea Hens Stuffed with Mangos and Scallions (John Manikowski)
Roast Turkey (Jimmy Schmidt's Cooking Class)
Roast Turkey with Maple Glaze, Pears & Bourbon (Jimmy Schmidt's Cooking Class)
Sauce Diable for Grilled Pork (eGGsalad)
Sauce Espagnole (eGGsalad)
Smoked Breast of Pheasant Salad with Pistachio and Date Dressing (John Manikowski)
Smoked Mallard Duck Legs with Hoisin Sauce Over Couscous (John Manikowski)
Specialty Spice Mixes (Culinary Sleuth)
Upside-Down Roast Canada Goose (John Manikowski)
Wild Mushroom Risotto (Just Good Food...for Thought)

Asparagus image provided by ©1996 Alma Shon.

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