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Zombie Meatloaf

By Kate Heyhoe


Feeling artistic this Halloween? Sculpt a Zombie Meatloaf for your own monster friends and family. Half the fun is serving it up: "An arm for you? How about an antenna for the little ones? Care for the ribcage or the cranial cavity?" Hah!

We borrowed this idea from our friends at the Kids Cooking Club, who saw a similar idea at a party. There's even more fun when you decorate it, using slivers of red, orange and yellow peppers, stuffed olives, almonds and whatever else you may have on hand. Ketchup makes a delightful bloody mess.

Use your favorite meatloaf recipe, or try ours below, then shape it on a large baking pan or sheet with low sides. Decorate it with ketchup and stick a knife in its ribcage for effect.

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