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All The Best Flavors...

Vegetarian Planet

...from all the Earth come to life in a soulful celebration of tasty and inventive food. Didi Emmons, a terrific young cook who combines a passion for culinary adventure with a love for the honest pleasures of home cooking, offers 350 recipes—with more than 150 main dishes— and spells an end to boring and bland meatless meals. Full of farm-fresh produce ripe for the eating, hearty grains that warm the soul, and a whole world of new spices and flavors, they promise boundless pleasures for the everyday table

"Didi Emmons is a bold new talent! Vegetarian Planet is one of the most exciting cookbooks to cross my desk in ages-chock-full of hip, imaginative, explosively flavorful recipes that are easy to make and fun to eat. A must read for vegetarians, nonvegetarians, and anyone interested in cool food from a hot chef who speaks for a new culinary generation."

—STEVEN RAICHLEN, author of High-Flavor,
Low-Fat Vegetarian Cooking and Miami Spice

"Lately we Americans have been remembering that there are an incredible number of awesome vegetables and grains in the world, and a whole lot of delicious ways to prepare each of them. In Vegetarian Planet, Didi Emmons works her magic to create a whole flotilla of good-tasting, healthful dishes. It sure takes the sting out of meatless eating. "

The Thrill of the Grill and Lettuce in Your Kitchen

"Didi Emmons's Vegetarian Planet will take you places you never dreamed of going, but once there are glad you did. This book is definitely on the cutting edge of the one-globe cooking of the century to come."

—BETTY FUSSELL, author of Crazy for Corn and Home Bistro

"It takes some mighty tasty food to make card carrying carnivores like us enjoy a meatless meal, but Vegetarian Planet does the trick. Didi Emmons makes a great case for enlightened eating, and she does it with high style and good humor "

—JANE AND MICHAEL STERN, authors of Roadfood and Goodfood

"Vegetarian Planet is utterly appealing, full of exuberant spirit and enticing recipes. Didi Emmons so clearly revels in the flavors and textures of the vegetarian palate that any food lover, vegetarian or not, will want to own this book."

—MICHELE ANNA JORDAN, author of The Good Cook's Book of Tomatoes and The Good CookÝs Book of Polenta

DIDI EMMONS is the chef at the Delux Cafe, "the hippest eatery in Boston" (Boston Globe) and "the perfect 5-star, not-a-false-note postmodern cafe" (Boston Phoenix). A graduate of La Varenne, she lives in Boston.

Vegetarian Planet
by Didi Emmons
The Harvard Common Press, $14.95
563 pages; July 1, 1997
ISBN 1-55832-115-2
Publicity information provided by the publisher.

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