Using "Encore" Roast Turkey
or Beef in a Pot Pie


What I have said about chicken is equally true of turkey, on a larger scale, except that I usually roast turkey and haven't got the stock to make a pot pie. Two avenues are available to you, and both use the carcass. Make a chicken stock, using cheap backs and necks, and chop up the turkey carcass, and add it in for the last half hour of simmering. Now you will have a turkey stock so you can just follow the instructions for chicken pot pie. The other way is to chop up the turkey carcass, and simmer it in water for an hour. Strain it and reduce by half, and add an equal volume of milk. Now you have a turkey cream stock. Proceed as above, but you will have a whiter looking finished product. I prefer the first method for flavor.

What about beef pot pie? Just make beef stew (the recipe is an encore from an earlier eGGsalad) and then its the same deal all over again. If you can make one, you can make the other.

Does your family like stuffing? Mine does, so I make lots extra when I roast a turkey, and I make sure to have a lot of gravy too. I'm planning an encore. I take all the meat I can off the carcass and dice it like for pot pie. Some of it is too odd shaped to dice, never mind, just toss it all together with the leftover stuffing, moisten well with gravy, and turn it all into a well greased shallow Pyrex baking dish, and bake it at 325 F until it is all crusty. I like Pyrex so that I can see through the glass to make sure the bottom is not burning. I choose a shallow dish because I want lots of top and bottom crust, because that's what every one loves. Cut it in squares, and pass the gravy and cranberry sauce, please. This encore is called Turkey Hash and I can never make enough.


Chicken Pot Pies



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