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I Vant to Drink Your...
Halloween Killer Cocktails

By Kate Heyhoe


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Some folks never outgrow Halloween...they just change their tricks and treats. Adult Halloween parties are more popular than ever, and this Halloween we've got a dozen devilish drinks to make your head spin faster than Linda Blair's. Of course, these potent potables are not for the weak of heart (yours or the one in the jar). And they're certainly not for anyone driving (especially not a car or a stake through one's heart), so we've also included a special "designated driver" drink: the Devil's Juice.

These recipes are courtesy of Atomic Bodyslams to Whiskey Zippers: Cocktails for the 21st Century, by Hollywood bartender Adam Rocke. If you like this assortment, be sure to check out Rocke's other 996 recipes, organized by potency with chapter titles ranging from Low Toxicity Fun and Party Drinks to I Drank What?

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Have a fun, safe and Happy Halloween! Cheers!

Note: Author Adam Rocke includes the ideal glass (i.e., High Ball, Collins, etc.) with each recipe.

Low-Toxicity Fun & Party Drinks
I Drank What?
I Don't Wanna Remember a Thing!
You Don't Expect Me to Drink That, Do You?
Hot Drinks for Cold Bodies
For the Designated Driver

About the Book:
Atomic Bodyslams to Whiskey Zippers:
Cocktails for the 21st Century


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