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back to school
Tip: Leave fruit out to grab 'n go.

Wouldn't it be nice if we never had to rush anywhere? During the "Back to School" season, parents and kids alike seem to be even more pressed for time, and college students have the added pressure of facing the real world for the first time alone—including coming head to head with their very own kitchen (yikes!)

Being always short of time ourselves, we've devised our own bag of tricks for eating well on the go. From Breakfasts on the Run, to Lunches on the Go, to Afternoon Snacks, we've got handy tips and recipes for the whole family. We've even got recipes your kids can make without flame or fire.

Some of our readers have the best tips of all. Here's one from Karen McCarthy of Boston:

"As far as tips for snacks on the go, I find that if I leave a big bowl of fruit on the counter where the kids can get it and don't have to look for it or ask for it, I end up filling it about 3 times a week. If they're late for school or sports they'll grab an apple or a banana (or 2) and eat it on the way."

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