Other Cookbooks for Parents and Kids

Other cookbooks that are not quite as recent but still available include:

Healthy Yummies for Young Tummies  

Healthy Yummies For Young Tummies
by Ann L. Schrader
1993, Rutledge Hill Press, $14.95

Created by a busy mother who wanted to provide healthy meals for her family, this book is a fun approach to cooking fast, nutritious meals the kids will (according to the author) actually eat. The charming illustrations and colorful tips add to the amusement, but the recipes themselves are no-nonsense when it comes to nutrition. Besides the recipes ranging from breakfasts to desserts, chapters include Craft Recipes and Environmental Health.


The Parenting Cookbook
by Kathy Gunst with the Editors of Parenting Magazine
1996, Henry Holt, $27.50

A well-done collection of fresh and wholesome recipes for every meal of the day as well as special occasions, this volume emphasizes quick meals for the whole family, without cooking special "kid foods." Tips and strategies for eating out with the kids, coping with picky eaters, cooking for holidays, family entertaining and more ideas are included.


Disney's Family Cookbook
by Deanna F. Cook and the Experts at Family Fun Magazine
1996, Hyperion Press, $24.95

Slick and colorful, this spiral-bound volume in hard cover includes recipes and activities from Family Fun magazine. The emphasis here is cutesy projects—garnishing pears into mice and shaping pizzas into dinosaurs—although the basic recipes are simple to make. Best for a rainy day when you have time to play with the kids, or if you're looking for holiday-theme ideas. Real parents will be amused by the kids photographed in this book: not a food stain on them, every hair in place, perfect teeth and looking like absolute angels. Aren't all kids like that?


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