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"No Flame, No Fire" After School Recipes


ice cream
Our young chef recipes
go beyond frozen pops.

These recipes are so simple, even a kid can make 'em—and sometimes they even make them better than their parents!

We call these "No Flame, No Fire Recipes"—they don't require the use of stove top burners or ovens, but they do use knives and other kitchen equipment. Make sure your kids are either old enough to safely use these items alone, or plan to supervise the younger ones yourself.

Just because these recipes are easy to make, don't assume they're just kid-stuff. They contain complex, sophisticated flavors. Some are very international, teaching your kids about the flavors of other lands, and some are even culinary classics. If you are very, very nice to your kids, you might be able to persuade them to make these dishes for your whole family's dinner.

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