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Variety is the key to life, they say—we would add it is the key to brown-bag lunches as well.

Let's face it, the sandwich is still the easiest, least messy, and quickest portable lunch. But it gets boring. You can, of course, do really creative things to jazz up your sandwiches, we have some great suggestions. But in the end, a sandwich a day, five days a week, makes for a dull routine, no matter how inventive these sandwiches are.

What to do? We've included here a few recipes that you can pack for yourself or your kids to add variety to the mid-day meal. Some you can even make and pack a day or so in advance, then just grab and go that morning.

For more inspiration, we've got our 25 Top Tips for Better Brown Bag Lunches. It's not just the food that goes into a bag, it's the love and caring that shows you care for your family too. Put in fun things, like a note or a joke, and your kids will magically have a much better meal.

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