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Parents & Kids: This Book's For You!


We're writing the ultimate book on family cooking. What makes it so different from the other books out there? Well, for one thing, it's being written not just by us, but by families like you.

Over the years we've learned that every family is different, and that you, our wonderful community, is very vocal and likes to get involved. Many of you have already agreed to share the tips, recipes and strategies for feeding your families well despite a busy lifestyle. The suggestions you've sent in, the recipes from both parents and kids, and the stories you've told us about what works and what doesn't have been excellent.

But we'd love for the rest of you to join us too. As we said, every family is different, and what works for one family may be different from what is valuable for another. Kids in the kitchen vary as well: some like to cook, some haven't a clue, and a 6-year-old is far different from a 16-year old. So join us in helping all of these groups come up with plans that encourage family-togetherness through food and cooking.

To start, fill out our Family Cooking response form and tell us a bit about your lifestyle. Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress and will be changing as we get more valuable information in from you and others. However, we plan to make this volume the most comprehensive book we can—especially with all of your real-life, hands-on input!

NOTE: The book was finally published in 1999. Visit our Cooking with Kids site for more information...

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