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Family Dining: Sharing the Day Together


Nothing changes a family's routine more than the back-to-school season. Besides the shorter daylight hours, new school schedules must be accomodated, and these can affect mealtimes. Sharing family meals together has been shown to be extremely important in creating positive values and good communication, but it takes effort to get everyone to the table at once.

Extra-curricular activities have been cited by many families as the biggest conflict to family dining. Sports, music, clubs and other after-school activities have value, but too many of them can overload both the students and their parents. Similarly, many working parents have times they have to work late, community meetings to attend or odd schedules that prevent them from eating at the dinner table with the rest of the brood.

What to do? These techniques for Managing Family Schedules and tips for getting kids in the kitchen have been family-tested and just might work for you, too. If you're not convinced of the Benefits of Family Dining just read what these teens have to say.

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