Cookbooks for College Kids,
Parents & Young Chefs

by Kate Heyhoe

Healthy Yummies for Young Tummies  

Recently, a new wave of cookbooks has hit the market aimed at kids, parents and students. Unlike the more general cookbooks previously published for these same audiences, this latest wave is much more specific in scope. We're seeing not just student cookbooks, but vegetarian ones, and family cookbooks may now stress topics like low-fat or saving money, while kids' cookbooks are becoming more health oriented as well, with less emphasis on cutesy-party recipes or holiday cookies.

These are cookbooks that seriously incorporate their audiences' lifestyles into their recipes. While I'm currently writing my own comprehensive book on family cooking —Cooking with Kids, covering everything from putting quick meals on the table to teaching kids how to cook—I was impressed by these focused subject books and thought you would be too.

Here, then, is a sampling from this year's releases of cookbooks for college students, parents and young chefs, each with a selection of recipes for you to evaluate on your own. We intentionally looked for recipes that would complement your autumn menus, and we hope you and your families enjoy them. Please send us feedback and let us know what you think of them.


Cookbooks for College Kids, Parents and Young Chefs

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