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Try a 'Bake 'n Take

Whether you're 5 or 50, you may be skipping breakfast unnecessarily. Maybe the bus or carpool is about to leave without you, or you overslept because of late-night cramming for exams. Whatever the age and whatever the reason, the truth of the matter is that breakfast, without a doubt, is the worst meal to skip. Studies have shown that students score more poorly on tests when they haven't eaten, and we have to believe that even busy-executives drop in their daily performance without good nutrition. (Wouldn't you hate to think you blew that mega-deal just because your brain was hungry? We should all have our own "power breakfasts" even if they don't involve a morning business meeting.) Still, it seems that breakfast is the one meal that suffers most from the competition of other demands.

These recipes are almost instant and meant to be eaten on the go—whether you hand them to your kids as they're racing out the door, or down them quickly with a coffee cup in one hand while standing at the kitchen counter (not recommended but let's be real: this is how many people start their day). And in everyone's best interests, we've focused on nutritionally positive recipes here (you can pig out on the occasional bacon and eggs on the weekend). Feel free to adapt these recipes, though, adding more healthful grains and vegetables to yours and your kids' diets.

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