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25 Tips for Better Brown Bags

lunch bags

by Kate Heyhoe


Who eats brown bag lunches? A whole lot of you do—sitting at your computer surfing the web at lunch, using either yours, your school's or your employer's internet account. We know you do. Our web stats show us that our usage peaks in the morning (checking email) and is busiest in all time zones at lunch hours (cruising for fun?).

Or, maybe you don't brown bag it yourself, but you may make lunches for your kids, spouse or just on an occasional basis. We've collected a file of tips to make brown bag lunches more exciting, safer and more convenient. Some are geared for the youngsters in the family, and others are best for the more sophisticated cyber citizen.

With all the wonderful places to go online, and the challenging experiences of merely growing up, the same old lunches can be really depressing. You don't need to be the Escoffier of the lunchroom, but with a little bit of effort, you can brighten an otherwise ordinary day.

25 Top Tips For Better Brown Bags

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Be adventuresome.

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