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Tightwad Living


We recently ran across a newsletter known as Tightwad Living. It covers everything from home improvement to appliances and recipes. The issues we saw were big on baking soda and potatoes, but they covered a variety of other topics as well. Here's a few of their tips:



IACP Scholarships

Do you know about the IACP, International Association of Culinary Professionals? It consists of food writers, editors, chefs and others from all over the world. One of their annual services is the scholarship program, assisting everyone from high school students to current professionals who wish to further their culinary education and experience.

From now through December 1, 1996, the IACP is accepting applications for the 1997-1998 scholarships and work-study programs. All men and women, from any country, interested in pursuing culinary careers and receiving the highest quality training are eligible to apply. Special emphasis areas include: new students entering culinary school from high school, college or trade school; culinary professionals desiring intensive workshops or courses; and career-changing individuals wishing to enter the food professions.

One application encompasses all scholarships, therefore only one request is needed. Write to the IACP Foundation Scholarships. Allow three weeks for return of information.

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