Sauce Mignonette

  • 1 cup Vinegar Red Wine, Dessaux
  • 1 tbl peppercorns white—crushed
  • 1 tbl peppercorns black—crushed
  • 4 each shallots—chopped fine

Combine all these and set aside a day to combine flavors.

Suggested Wine: No wine goes with this, First Champagne, then this sauce.

Notes: This is the second most simple and good dressing for fresh oysters, the first being a squeeze of fresh lemon. I made this for years, as I was the "shellfish bar" at any party, due to my ability to shuck oysters and open clams. I always used the Lyon wine vinegar from Dessaux. They also make a cornichon (tiny sour dill pickle) that is the best in the world with pate. While expensive, it is worth every penny.

Mignonette pepper is white pepper, but I find the flavor of a blend of white and black is more aromatic. Chacon a son gout.


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