Joie Warner's No Cook Pasta Sauces

By Joie Warner
Photography by Drew Warner


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Joie Warner's No Cook Pasta Sauces means no standing over a hot stove anytirne of the year. All you have to do is cook the pasta, toss in the ingredients and voila! your dinner is ready.

How does the book work?


The end result is a sensational, delicious, eye-catching dinner that is also a good deal more nutritious. Joie Warner's No Cook Pasta Sauces offers 75 delectable recipes everything from a drizzle of olive oil, minced garlic, and fresh herbs to the more sophisticated flavors of sauces such as smoked salmon, capers, olive oil, and snippets of fresh dill. An abundance of recipes will delight the vegetarian in the family, and left-over chicken will simply shine in these creations. Seafood lovers will think they're in heaven when served an elegant Lobster Tarragon Sauce. Those that love classic tomato sauces or rich butter and cream sauces will find plenty to choose from here, too.

Warner suggests which everyday ingredients are best to keep in the pasta pantry, what to pick up at the market or deli on the way home, as well as what staples are needed for whipping up a speedy sauce at a moment's notice. Additionally, Warner explains on how to pair pasta sauces to pasta shapes so the sauce stays on the pasta, instead of sinking to the bottom of the serving bowl.

A boon to summer cooks who want a delicious and inviting meal without sweating it out over a hot stove, Joie Warner's No Cook Pasta Sauces offers rewarding results for recipes that embrace the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients are nutritionally sound, and a fantastic time-saver. These are recipes that simply snap, crackle, and pop with fresh, flavorful goodness any time of the year.

Drew Warner's dynamic, crisp, full-color photographs are an open invitation to try each recipe and savor the flavor of these wonderful meals.


Joie Warner is the author of two best-selling cookbook series as well as an ardent cook and food journalist. Her user-friendly cookbooks have received critical acclaim for their clear and simple recipes and full-flavored foods. She lives in East Hampton, New York with her husband and partner, Drew Warner.


Joie Warner's No Cook Pasta Sauces
by Joie Warner
Photography by Drew Warner
Chronicle Books
1998, Softcover, US $17.95
ISBN: 0-8118-1766-0
Full-color photographs throughout Information provided by the publisher


Joie Warner's No Cook Pasta Sauces



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