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Low-fat. Low-cholesterol. Fat free. High protein. Low carbohydrates. Count calories. Measure quantities. Eat this. Don't eat that.

vegetable heaven

With all the "food rules," advice, and conflicting information everyone is bombarded with on a daily basis, is it any wonder that the fun has gone out of cooking and eating? While it's become clear that eating a low-fat, well-rounded diet is the most sensible approach for a healthy lifestyle, most people feel they don't have the time to shop for, prep, and cook—not to mention taste—the meals they prepare at home due to their busy schedules.

What can they do? Relax, slow down, and let Mollie Katzen lead them back to healthy, delicious, and, above all, pleasurable eating. Katzen, author of the beloved vegetarian cookbook Moosewood Cookbook - one of the top ten best-selling cookbooks of all time—has, over the years, changed her own cooking techniques, reduced the fat, added bolder seasonings, and simplified the recipes she prepares for herself and her family.

As a result, the recipes found in her first major new cookbook in nine years, Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Heaven: Over 200 Recipes for Uncommon Soups, Tasty Bites. Side-by-Side Dishes. And Too Many Desserts (Hyperion), are faster and easier to prepare and allow the natural flavors of the food to shine through.

Mollie Katzen can show you:

  • how to make cooking and eating a pleasurable, sensuous experience with food rich in color, texture, taste, and variety, not in fat and calories;
  • how you can create wonderfully sophisticated meals everyday that are surprisingly simple to prepare, saving you that most precious of commodities: time;
  • why eating delicious homemade food can bring you tremendous psychological benefits;
  • why the majority of her cookbook fans are not strict vegetarians (including Katzen herself), just people who want to eat good food, sometimes with meat, sometimes without.

Mollie Katzen is the author of Moosewood Cookbook, The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, Still Life with Menu, and Pretend Soup, which have sold a total of more than 3.5 million copies. The release of Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Heaven coincides with the launch of a brand-new, 26-part season of half-hour shows for public television, Mollie Katzen 's Cooking Show 200: Vegetable Heaven. This series is presented by KQED-San Francisco, and is distributed to public television stations nationwide by the American Program Service (APS). A professional artist (55 of her luminous paintings illustrate the new cookbook), Katzen lives near Berkeley, California with her husband and two children.

Mollie Katzen's Cooking Show: Vegetable Heaven

The New 26-Part Series Presented by KQED-San Francisco KQED-San Francisco presents a brand-new, 26-part season of half-hour shows for public television based on Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Heaven, Mollie Katzen's first major cookbook in nine years. Mollie Katzen's Cooking Show: Vegetable Heaven is distributed to public television stations nationwide by the American Program Service (APS).

The series is a follow-up to Katzen's highly successful 1995 public television series, "Mollie Katzen's Cooking Show," which was based on her Still Life with Menu cookbook. Comprised of 13 episodes and carried in markets reaching 80% of U.S. households, Katzen's first cooking show was seen in 45 of the nation's top 50 markets. The "Vegetable Heaven" series marks the first simultaneous release of a new cookbook and cooking show for Katzen.

She is the author of Moosewood Cookbook, The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, Still Life with Menu, and Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes A Cookbook for Preschoolers and Up.

26 menus are featured on the television series:

Sunset Dinner • California Spring • Caribbean Surprise • Calypso Carnaval • Italian Harvest • Asian Allure • Crazy Quilt • Tex-Mex Lunch • South of the Border • Supper in the Park • Fireside Meal • Le Pique-Nique • Late Winter Bounty • Caravansary • Family Feast • Southwest Summer • Mollie's Favorite Lunch • Persian Banquet • Sweet, Sour, and Savory • Pacific Rim • Autumn Colors • Rainy Day Repast • Middle Eastern Delight • Midsummer Medley • Marrakesh Express • Elegant Comfort Food


Vegetable Heaven
by Mollie Katzen
1998, Hardcover, US $27.50
Illustration art by Mollie Katzen
Recipes & art reprinted by permission
Information provided by the publisher


Vegetable Heaven



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