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Chilled or Frozen Desserts


Hi! My name is Stephanie Zonis, and welcome to the July/August, 1998 edition of "I Love Chocolate". This is a lengthy column for summer, but then it has to suffice for two months. The word for this edition is "chilly", meaning that 'tis the season for refrigerated and frozen desserts of all kinds. There's a Bavarian cream, a coffee drink, a pie, and several frozen desserts.

frozen desserts

Have you been contemplating the purchase of a frozen dessert maker? I'd like to suggest that you go right ahead and buy one. Even the electric models aren't too pricey these days, if you get the type where you freeze the central cylinder for twenty-four hours before use. I have a great one-quart capacity model made by Krups, and they are now making models of 1-1/2 quart capacity. Making your own ice creams, sorbets, etc. is creative and satisfying and just plain fun, and the hard work (the churning) is done for you. In any case, enjoy the rest of your summer, and look for a new edition in September.

Chocolate Find of the Month

Pancake Hollow Chocolates, at 81 Vineyard Avenue in Highland, NY, is a true "family" chocolatier. They have something for every taste in your clan; I can almost guarantee it. Children seem to be afforded special consideration by this company, and they have a number of products that would be appreciated by the younger set. The selections range from cute to classy, and I like the elegant look of the black-and-gold packaging. Prices are moderate, too.

My favorites are the Mega Mut ant Peanut Butter Cups—individually wrapped, and the largest I've ever seen—and the irresistible Angel Wings (potato chips with a stripe of peanut butter, dipped in chocolate). Try their toffee-and-nut popcorn with chocolate, or choose an assortment. Of course, they have seasonal molded chocolates, too. Pancake Hollow ships, even in warm weather. Check out their website, at: www.mayne.net./phc, call them at (914) 691-5880, or fax them at (914) 691-6812. And don't you even think of ordering their entire stock of Angel Wings, because that won't leave any for me.

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