Special Feature

Summer Travel Issue:
The Global Gourmet World Tour


Summertime means vacations. Sometimes they are physical: you actually board a plane, train or automobile and go somewhere. Other times they are mental: an escape to exotic places by way of imagination. Either way, for whatever type of vacation you are planning this summer, we present our Global Gourmet World Tour, with a virtual itinerary that links the electronic Gourmet Guide to our newest site, the Global Gourmet(tm). In the Global Gourmet site, we bring you the world on a plate. Starting with a brief Backgrounder, the Global Gourmet tours each country focusing on its foods, customs and people. "What to Eat" and "Menu Guides" are only part of the exploration, while authentic recipes from each land allow you to sample the local fare at home, in your own kitchen. Even if you don't board a plane, the magic of food can take you into places you've never been before.

We hope you enjoy our world tour, and look for more countries in the Global Gourmet in the months to come. (As always, the electronic Gourmet Guide also presents selected recipes from our original Global Gourmet Online Cookbook.) This is a special combined July/August issue, so don't feel rushed. Relax and enjoy the reading here, sample a new country each weekend. Before you know it, fall will be here and the electronic Gourmet Guide will be back with autumn feasts to match the turning of the leaves. But for now, enjoy your fun in the sun, grab your chopsticks and off we go...

Note: since this page was originally created in 1997, the country pages have been updated and moved. The country links on this page now go to the new Destinations area of The Global Gourmet site.

This page originally published as part of the electronic Gourmet Guide between 1994 and 1998.

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