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Stuffed Lobster Imperial


1. Pick the crab meat over for shells, gently.

2. Toss the crab meat and green and red peppers, and shallots.

3. Season lightly to taste.

4. Beat the mayonnaise with the egg yolks, and add just enough to get the mixture to cohere. Treat lightly. The mixture should be moist. Reserve some for topping. Preheat oven to 350 F.

5. Split and clean the lobsters. Add the crab imperial to the cavity of a lobster prepared for baking. Spoon a little of the reserved mayo over the top. Weight the bottom of the lobster's tail to keep it from curling. Drizzle the lobster with butter,

6. Bake 350-400 for 20 to 25 minutes till lightly browned, depending on size of lobsters. A 1-1/4 split lobster will bake in about 20 minutes, and the filling will be done about the same time. If glossy opaque in the tail meat, and more color is needed, slip it under the broiler a minute. If the Imperial is brown before the lobster is ready, cover it lightly with a double tent of foil.

Notes: Used as a stuffing for lobsters, the customer gets two dishes in one, fit for an Emperor. (I guess)


eGGsalad #29: Lobster on My Mind

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