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Summer Reading


A barnyard storybook? Nope, useful pictures from The Wordless Travel Book. Can you say "Bacon and fried eggs, with a lobster on the side?"


For some reason, magazines always publish a "Summer Reading" issue, as if that's the only time of year people pick up books. They may be right, in part at least. Reclining outdoors—at the beach, in a hammock, on the patio, by the pool—lends itself well to cracking open a nice escapist book and sending your mind off while your body enjoys the freedom of fresh air.

We've selected two such reads perfectly suited to outdoor literary pursuits. The food world has lately been all abuzz about The Butter Did It—since it's written by one of the most famous newspaper food critics, Phyllis Richman of the Washington Post. In Travelers' Tales: Food, writers from all genres relay their experiences with people and cultures by focusing on food.

Finally, on a more practical note, we look at some travel books aimed at making your next trip more enjoyable. They cover everything from packing to flying, and then once you get there, how to communicate on the ground—no matter what the language is.

Summer Reading

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