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Wisconsin Food Festivals


The preceding excerpts are from Wisconsin Food Festivals, by Terese Allen (Amherst Press, 1995). Order the book (800-333-8122) and you can discover how the ice cream sundae was invented and how far a watermelon seed can be spit. You can join in a powwow dance, enter a grape-stomping contest, and learn the art of eating a cream puff. From Green County Cheese Days and the Warrens Cranberry Festival to Presque Isle's Wild Game and Natural Foods Cook-off, Wisconsin Food Festivals offers 184 pages of heartland stories, recipes, culinary history, travel information, and photographs. Soft cover, $15.95.


Wisconsin Food Festivals

The Way to Cook a Brat
Fresh Market Wisconsin Recipes
Charlemagne Salad with Hot Brie Dressing
Herbed Potato Salad
Summer Sausage and Fried Onion on Rye

by Terese Allen
Photographs by Milwaukee Dept of City Development and Gary Knowles
Amherst Press
Released: 1995
ISBN: 0-942495-45-4
Reprinted with permission


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