Smoke & Spice:
The REAL Way to Barbecue

Smoke & Spice  

"Real barbecue is bragging food."
—authors Cheryl & Bill Jamison, from
Smoke & Spice

Ever wonder why your barbecue never tastes as good as those real pit joints in Texas, Kansas or even NYC? The secret's in the smoke. But you don't need to dig a pit in your backyard to make authentic tasting barbecue. In their James Beard Award-winning book, Cheryl and Bill Jamison give the A-Z of cooking real "Q" in any type of grill—charcoal, gas grill, water smoker, and yes, even the wood burning pit.

In this section, the Jamisons offer their take on Dry Rubs and Wet Mops—two ways to season your "Q" just as the pro's do. We guarantee: you'll be the Number One owner of barbecue bragging rights with these techniques!


Smoke & Spice:
The Real Way to Barbecue



Smoke & Spice
by Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison
Harvard Common Press
$16.95 / Paperback
ISBN 1-55832-110-1
Copyright 1994. All rights reserved.


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