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Warm Mayonnaise with Dill
(Olive Oil Hollandaise Sauce)




Place a stainless steel bowl over a simmering hot water bath, and add the hot water.

Beat in 3 egg yolks with constant beating. The yolks should become thick and ribbon like.

Begin beating in the olive oil, slowly in a thin stream, adding only as much as is quickly absorbed.

When about half the oil is added, add the hot lemon juice with beating. There should be a noticeable thickening.

Beat in the rest of the olive oil, somewhat more quickly, pouring in a steady stream.

Season with a pinch of cayenne, and more lemon juice and salt if you like.

Just before serving, add the snipped dill. You can blanch the dill sprigs by putting them in a strainer, and pouring a little boiling water over them, then cold water, this will brighten them.

Notes: This is a Hollandaise sauce made with olive oil. The hot water conditions the yolks and determines the thickness of the sauce.

For a thicker sauce, use only 1 tbs of water, but for the salmon, I like it lighter. Other herbs, like chives or tarragon can be used.

This sauce should be served warm and freshly made, within an hour of service.


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