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Microsoft Complete Gardening


All You need to Make Your Lawn and Garden Thrive!

Microsoft Complete Gardening is the easy, enjoyable way to create and care for your home garden.

From planning to planting and beyond, Microsoft Complete Gardening makes growing your lawn and garden easy. and it's based on the American Garden Guides series, packed with advice from experts at top botanical gardens.

Every gardener will find the plant encyclopedia a useful and enjoyable resource. You can get quick information—from photos to care tips—on nearly 4,000 plants. Print it out to take with you!

To find ideal plants for your garden, search by a specific plant name or by dozens of characteristics such as flower color, bloom season, plant type, and growing region. (You can even hear botanical names pronounced correctly!)

Learn gardening techniques at your own pace with interactive animations and video clips from experts in the field. and for inspiration, take guided tours of 20 of the best designed gardens across North America.

You can even pinpoint your climate region on a detailed map that's color-coded into plant-growing regions. Learn which plants grow best where you live, and you'll have a thriving garden year-round!



Here's what's included:To help you:
Library of diseases, pests, and common garden pitfalls Easily tackle all your garden problems.
ListmakerPersonalize the program: create shopping lists, a personal garden journal, plant lists, and more.
First-hand advice from gardening experts Find out what experts from more than 20 prestigious botanical gardens throughout North America know about your region.
Lots of practical, how-to information Learn how to do common garden tasks such as staking tomatoes, growing a lush lawn, pruning trees and bushes, composting, and much more.

To use Microsoft Complete Gardening, you need:

  • Multimedia PC with a 486/33 or higher processor
  • Microsoft Windows 95 operating system or Windows NT Workstation operating system version 3.51 or later (will not run on Windows version 3.1 or earlier)
  • 8 MB of memory (RAM) for Windows 95 or 16 MB for Windows NT Workstation
  • 10 MB of available hard-disk space
  • Double-speed CD-ROM drive
  • Super VGA display with 256 colors or better
  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
  • Windows-compatible sound board required for audio
  • Headphones or speakers required for audio

Microsoft Complete Gardening retails for $34.95. To locate a Microsoft retailer in the US call 1-800-426-9400, in Canada call 1-800-563-9048. Visit us at https://www.microsoft.com.

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