The New Making of a Cook

New Making of a Cook

Madeleine Kamman Updates
Her Groundbreaking First Book


Twenty-five years ago Madeleine Kamman made culinary history with the publication of The Making of a Cook. The first of its kind, her book gave not just the ingredients and instructions for preparing dishes but explained the precise reasons for following her directions. But even more significant, Madeleine gave the reader her philosophy of cooking: pair the freshest ingredients available in America with classic French techniques to achieve perfection in cooking. The Making of a Cook became an instant classic and was used as the textbook in many cooking schools and as a learning tool in homes across America.

William Morrow recently published the fully updated edition of Madeleine's famous book titled The New Making of a Cook: The Art, Techniques and Science of Good Cooking (William Morrow & Co., October 22, 1997; Hardcover, $40.00). This 1200 page volume contains over 650 recipes, 200 instructional line drawings, and new information including contemporary knowledge of health and nutrition, all the information needed to make a cook.

The New Making of a Cook opens with several chapters of essential education designed to orient the eager cook. In "From Cook to Cook," Madeleine speaks to her readers and tells her motives for expanding and perfecting her original work. She also explains why it is important for chefs to understand food chemistry, and why it is essential to rely on one's own individual taste. "Tools of the Trade" is a list of essential kitchen equipment, plus why they are needed, and details on how to use and care for them. Madeleine explains ingredients in "Good Ingredients for Good Dishes". She answers questions such as: "What is milk?", "Why do you cry when chopping onions?", and "What is galangal?" Wine is a subject that most cookbooks overlook. "A Wine Primer for Cooks" explains the production of wine and discusses the major types and how to taste, cook with, and pair wine with food.

The cooking begins with "Miracles in a Shell: The Techniques of Egg Cookery." One of the most elementary foods, egg cookery is surprisingly difficult to master. Here readers will learn everything they need to know about eggs, plus the techniques and recipes to conquer the making of perfect omelettes, custards, souffles, and all other egg dishes. In other chapters, The New Making of a Cook teaches the techniques for making broths, stocks, consommes, soups, and sauces. Then it helps the reader to master cooking vegetables, grains, legumes, pasta, fish, meats, fruits, breads and desserts.

All of the recipes in The New Making of a Cook have been updated. Personally researched and tested by Madeleine, they showcase her philosophy deliciously. Learning becomes easier with the excitement of making Curried Warm Lentil Salad, Grits and Red Rhubarb Compote, Salmon in a Pinot Noir and Blackberry Coat, Poached Chicken in Vietnamese Flavors, Hot Pears on Chilled Pudding, and Cardamom, Rose Petal, and Pistachio-Praline Ice Cream.

The New Making of a Cook is a culinary treasure-trove from one of America's most gifted chef/educators. Madeleine's straightforward, intelligent, and eminently readable style makes The New Making of a Cook a necessity in every kitchen, culinary school, and cookbook library in America.


The New Making of a Cook
The Art, Techniques, and Science of Good Cooking
by Madeleine Kamman
William Morrow
Oct. 1997, $40 hardcover
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The New Making of a Cook

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