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Million Dollar Menu for Mom


She may be your Mom, but she probably still has a romantic streak in her, cleverly disguised beneath diapers and dishwater since the day you were born. Pamper her with this elegant but easy dinner, a little of her favorite music, dim lights and tall candles on the table.

Dad, make sure to ask your special love for a dance or two before dinner. Since this meal can be made mostly in advance, let the kids help serve it while you entertain Mom with a few spins on the dance floor. Everyone can pitch in to show Mom just how special she is!

Kate Heyhoe


Candlelight Mom's Day Menu

Except for the couscous which takes only 10 minutes to make, this meal can be prepared earlier in the day, or as much as a day in advance—even by kitchen novices—and is incredibly simple but delicious and elegant. On Mother's Day, allow 30 minutes to bring the foods up to room temperature before cooking the couscous and assembling the plates. She'll be so impressed!

Day Before (or earlier that day):

That Day:

Cook the couscous about 30 minutes before serving (it only takes 5 minutes to make, but needs to rest for at least 5 minutes). Set the foods out of the refrigerator to come to room temperature about 30 minutes before serving. Scrape the granita into ice crystals for serving.  



Million Dollar Menu for Mom


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