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photo by Martin Jacobs from Spirit of the West

[NOTE: though originally created in 1997, this page has been updated with additional, newer cookbooks and recipes]

Do we know how to pick 'em or what! As with any publication, we plan our editorial calendar weeks and months in advance of release. We always try to bring you topics that offer quality, innovation and subjects that spark your own creative juices. So you can imagine how pleased we were when two of the books in this 1997 Western Cookbook Round-Up were not only nominated in the 1997 IACP/Julia Child Cookbooks Awards, but they also won in their respective categories.

Spirit of the West won in the American Category, while °cocina! took the award for best cookbook in the Food Reference/Technical Category. Both are true cookbook gems. While Flavored Breads did not receive a nomination, we think it is most deserving of one. Yet, with over 800 cookbooks published each year, it's hard to give everyone the recognition they deserve. In our opinions, all three of these books are true winners, and we offer you their recipes to sample in your own kitchen.

So, 'Cookie', pull the wagons in a circle, stoke the campfire—and giddy-up to the Western Cookbook Round-Up!

     —Kate Heyhoe, Executive Editor


Western Cookbook Round Up

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