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Much of my reader mail includes requests for specific recipes and my standard reply to these has been that I don't have time to do individual recipe searches for people. I recently compiled a list of recipe search engines on the web where a person may type in the words "pepper pot soup" and be handed a recipe for the soup. Or a person who knew the name of one or two ingredients may find a recipe that way as well. To make the following list, the sites had to meet certain criteria. 1. It had to have an abundance of recipes. I gauged abundance in the thousands. The site had to be very easy to seek and find a specific recipe. My quest? Pepper Pot Soup and Hot Cross Buns. My search started at KitchenLink Your search should start here too. This Index of 6,700 Food and Cooking Links is a cook's guide to the internet. Here you may link to daily news services like Reuters or PR News Wire and also weekly magazines plus tons of other resources and links.

Kitchen Link offers a recipe search engine themselves, which is what I tried first. On The Menu—Recipe Links, offers a plethora of categories to choose from including Beef, Barbecue, French Cooking, Garnishes, etc. Selecting any of these leads one to a menu of web sites offering recipes in that category. For instance, listed under the category Yeast Bread, were ten web sites with large collections of yeast breads. Here are the best recipe archive sites I found under Kitchen Link's Recipe Archive Site listing. If you know of others to add to this list, please e-mail the information to me and I will update this information. The only criterion is the site must have a searchable recipe data base (preferably with a search engine) or at the least a logical, alphabetical, easily searchable index.

SOAR—Searchable Online Archive of Recipes
A searchable database of over 36,000 recipes. My quest for pepper pot soup garnered one recipe for Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup. Jalepeno Poppers popped up five (5) recipes.

Mastercook Recipe Library
Extensive library. Easy search engine. One recipe popped up for hot cross buns. Pepper Pot yielded tons of soups. None appeared to be my coveted pepper pot.

Yum Yum Com
Searchable database of 10,000 recipes. Yielded two (2) pepper pot soup recipes.

Recipes On-line
26,895 Recipes. Wenzel ISP, Ontario, Canada. Good search results with two (2) hot cross buns and seventy-six (76) matches to pepper pot, but no soup. Cheshire Crafts Online Recipe Database
Made it to this list as it claims to have 23,000 recipes. There were thirty (30) entries under carrots. No search engine but has a fairly extensive index.

Neosoft Recipe Archives
One of the best in yields but I had to search the categories myself. Gave me two (2) pepper pot soup recipes under the soup category and three (3) hot cross buns recipes under the yeast bread category.

Recipe Server PRZ/TU-Berlin (University of Berlin) at a real clunky
This is a database of 12,000 recipes and it's searchable but my pepper pot soup inquiry yielded 197 matches including pepper cookies and stuffed bell peppers. Just too many to scroll through looking for my pepper pot soup. Plus the list wasn't alphabetized. If you have the time this is a rich lode of recipes to look browse.

Cook's Online Database Search
Registration required to conduct searches. It's well worth the time and marketing type questions to enter this rich (claimed to be one million plus) recipe cookbook database. I located one (1) pepper pot soup and ten (10) hot cross buns recipes.

Culinaria Online
Has a simple one-line search engine. The words, pepper pot soup, elicited 157 soup recipes, none of which appeared to be pepper pot. The database yielded nothing for the hot cross bun query. Still, claims to have 10,000 recipes.

Food, Glorious Food
This is the A.J. Lill Consultants Recipe Archive, a searchable database of claimed 16,000 recipes. My pepper pot query yielded 40 recipes, none of which was for pepper pot soup. However, Gypsy Soup and others caught my fancy and I may return. Four hot cross buns recipes popped up woven among marinated steak and lemon-lime slush, more intriguing recipes to go back for.

Claims 5,000 recipes from Bon Appetit and Gourmet. Neither pepper pot or hot cross buns yielded a hit.

Recipes Online
Database of 27,000 recipes. Received 76 hits for pepper pot soup, none of which was pepper pot soup but returned two recipes for hot cross buns.

The Gemini and Leo Page
A pair of Canadians, Georgette and David Burnside combined their love of computing and recipe collecting and put it on-line for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately there's no search engine, but the database of 62,000 recipes is neatly and logically arranged in categories and is presented in Meal-Master format.

HomeArts Recipe Finder
Search engine looks through Country Living, Good Housekeeping and Redbook's archived recipes. Pepper pot elicited eleven (11) recipes, none for pepper pot soup. I did get Captains Soup and Shrimp Gumbo though.

Usenet Cookbook
My pepper pot search did yield an African Vegetable Stew but no pepper pot soup. Search results listed alphabetically which is a big help.

This community cookbook publisher claims to have over 1 million recipes in their database. Must register to be able to conduct searches. Unfortunately the day I attempted to register, the server was too busy or down so I could not do my search. Looks like a site worth revisiting.


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