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Though once dominated by British culinary tastes, Australian cuisine is now influenced by a variety of Mediterranean and Asian foods introduced by immigrant cultures. Many people living outside of Australia think of native Bush Tucker when they contemplate Australian food, but Southeast Asian, Greek, Lebanese and Italian influences are now more common.


Macadamia Nut Toffee

Macadamia nuts, a part of Australian bush tucker, are easy to get in supermarkets in the U.S.A.

I have been making this for years for school fetes and picnics.

Make your usual recipe for toffee. Lay out roughly chopped macadamias (not too small) on a well greased tray. Pour toffee over and cool. When hard, take to the toffee with a hammer. Just delicious. Or for a different approach, put nuts in paper patty pan cases and pour toffee over. Often I will sprinkle a little dessicated coconut over the top.

Very very tasty. Macadamia nuts are truly addictive.

Note: We make these in Australian History classes with Year 9 boys (aged 14 +)


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