On Rice
60 Fast and Easy Toppings that Make the Meal


By Rick Rodgers

"On Rice contains the most tantalizing collection of international recipes on, over, and around rice I've seen. Rick Rodgers not only creates fabulous food, he knows how to write meticulous instructions everyone can follow." —Susan Wyler, author of Simply Stews and editor of the 365 cookbook series

"Rick Rodgers has developed a delicious universe of rice recipes that explode with creativity, freshness, and global flavors on every page. If you think you know something about rice, Rick's erudite yet chatty information will surprise you. As if that weren't enough, Rick's final gift to the reader is a tantalizing collection of classic and contemporary and oh-so-comforting rice puddings." —Louise Fiszer, author of A Good Day for Soup

"Rick Rodgers's kitchen mastery transforms familiar rice into appetizing dishes worth waiting for-but why wait? Rice cooks in a hurry and with Rick's easy yet tantalizing recipes, it never tasted better!" —Mary Goodbody, coauthor of Autumn Nights, Winter Mornings

Delicious and nutritious, rice takes center stage in Rick Rodgers's On Rice: 60 Fast and Easy Toppings that Make the Meal (Chronicle Books; March 1, 1997; $16.95). with an international array of recipes perfect for serving over rice, On Rice offers an inspiring selection of tasty seafood, meat, and vegetarian toppings that transform rice from simple side dish to mouthwatering main course.

Served over virtually any variety of rice—from the familiar white and brown to the less common basmati, jasmine, Arborio, and black—the recipes in On Rice make meeting the USDA's suggested quota of nine to eleven servings of grains a day that much easier. Many of the toppings can be prepared in about the time it takes to cook a pot of rice and result in creative and satisfying one-dish dinners. Featuring such classic variations as Tuna Bouillabaisse, Chicken Breasts in Jambalaya Sauce, and Paella sauté with Saffron as well as more exotic dishes like Mongolian Lamb with Broccoli, Brazilian Fish Stew, and Moroccan Tagine, On Rice brings intense flavor and necessary convenience to everyday meals. and in case you're worried about what to do with your leftover rice, Rodgers includes a final chapter on desserts, including a luscious Baked Rum-Raisin Rice Pudding and a "sinfully rich" Coconut Rice Pudding with Tropical Fruits.

In addition to the recipes (described by Rodgers as "quick-and-easy, hurry-up-and-get-a-fabulous-meal-on-the-table recipes"), On Rice includes detailed information on the many varieties of rice now available, a guide to the different methods of preparing rice, tips on how to make the perfect pot of rice, how to store rice, how to reheat rice, and how to make perfect-every-time rice pudding. As appropriate for entertaining as they are for everyday meals, the flavorful recipes in this innovative collection prove that just about everything is nice on rice.


Rick Rodgers is a well-known cookbook author, cooking teacher, and radio and television guest chef. The author of a number of cookbooks on diverse subjects, from Best Barbecues Ever and Mr. Pasta's Healthy Pasta Cookbook to The Perfect Party series and Mississippi Memories, Rodgers also works behind the scenes on many cookbooks as a recipe tester and "cookbook doctor." His recipes have been featured in such publications as Food & Wine, Woman's Day, Chocolatier, the Los Angeles Times, and Newsday. Rodgers lives in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Frankie Frankeny is a San Francisco-based food and interior photographer. Her photographs have appeared in numerous publications, including the Wine Spectator, People, and the San Francisco Examiner Magazine.


On Rice
60 Fast and Easy Toppings that Make the Meal

By Rick Rodgers
Photographs by Frankie Frankeny
Price: $16.95, paperback
ISBN: 0-8118-1352-5
Chronicle Books
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