Pommes Dauphine


Add 6 oz of Pate a Choux (rich) to each pound of Pommes Duchesse. If you add 6 oz of pate a choux (see recipe following) per pound of Pommes Duchesse and mix well, you can bag this out into deep fat for Pommes Dauphine (potato puffs). I love these. As you squeeze the pastry bag with one hand, use a knife dipped in the fryer to cut two inch lengths off as they exit the bag. Don't splash yourself with the hot fat (350 degrees F).

Pommes Lorette: Add 1 oz of grated Parmesan Cheese per pound of Pommes Dauphine You can bag these out onto oiled paper and dip into the fryer to finish Set the fryer at 350 degrees F. These puff up and are among the best tasting deep fried potatoes they are sinfully rich, so they deserve a tasty friture.

You can make this recipe with instant potatoes by preparing the instant first. Done properly, you will be suprised at how good it can be! Follow the package directions carefully, omitting any butter or seasoning. Use water, not milk.

What you want to remember for Pommes Duchesse is that the proportions are 1 lb cooked riced potatoes, 1 egg yolk, 1/2 oz butter.

Notes: ATECO No. 1465 set has a bag and 2 tubes that are just right for this recipe. I'll do a column on using the pastry bag one day.

Salt all deep fried potatoes away from the fryer as salt is not good for the friture.

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