The Challenge of Vegetarian Meals

Linda Gassenheimer

By Linda Gassenheimer


When I created a Farmer's Market in Miami, I spoke often with the farmers and customers and was surprised by their questions:

"How do I cook this?"

"How can I get my kids to eat more vegetables?"

"How can I make my vegetables taste good?"

These questions along with requests from my readers prompted me to start writing some vegetarian meals for my syndicated column, "Dinner in Minutes."

As I began to develop new recipes, I realized that most vegetarian meals take a lot of time to prepare and have a lot of fat. This was a real challenge.

I created this book to meet these demands using these important elements:


Vegetarian Dinner in Minutes
by Linda Gassenheimer
Chronicle Books, $16.95 paperback
144 pages; March 8, 1998
Reprinted by permission.


Vegetarian Dinner in Minutes

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