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Egg Art: It's Not Just for Easter

by Ian Makay


Illustration © 1997, Alma Shon

Glancing across the broad landscape of culinary history and lore, it soon becomes apparent, even to the casual observer, that so many things once so clear and simple to us as children, quickly blur when adding time, geography, or culture to the mix. Ask a child to associate Easter, for example, with a particular food and the immediate image conjured is that of a pastel-colored egg, peeking from behind a colorful tulip in bloom.

Ralph Waldo Emerson noted that, "There is always a best way of doing everything, if it be to boil an egg." As Emerson implied, this may be so when boiling is the case, but egg ornamentation is another story-with variations in technique, purpose, and pigment extending to almost every corner of the world.

Come with us now as we examine the universal egg. Bring the kids and pull out your own Easter eggs as we journey through time and space in a seasonal tribute to this festive and ancient symbol of spring, love and luck. Together, you just might get some new ideas for dressing up your own Easter basket of joy.


Egg Art

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