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About Maestro S.V.P.

by Ilene Polansky


Maestro S.V.P. is the only oyster bar in Montreal. Maestro S.V.P. carries over 15 varieties of oysters year round. You may find other establishments serving oysters during the "R" months, but when December comes around the city is completely dry of oysters until September. Maestro S.V.P.'s oyster bar features oysters by the piece, 1/2 dozen and dozen. Maestro S.V.P. also throws in a free lesson on how to shuck oysters. Since all Maestro S.V.P.'s oysters are on display in the dining room, many customers pick out their oysters beforehand, getting info on the type and taste of the oyster. Customers can be sure they are getting a freshly shucked oyster.

Can you beat the Quebec Oyster Shucking Champion?

Marc Bardier, The Quebec Oyster Shucking Champion (circa 1998, when this article was written), will be going for a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Marc is the first Canadian vying for a spot in this food category of the prestigious international keeper of world records. He will attempt to open 100 oysters behind his back within 30 minutes. If you think you can beat this record let us know for our next oyster shucking contest.


Maestro S.V.P.—Seafood Bistro and Oyster Bar
Ilene Polansky—owner
Yves Therrien—chef
3615 St. Laurent Blvd
Montreal, Quebec h2X 2V5
Tel: 514 842 6447
Fax: 514 842 2843


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