Special Feature

Desk-Drawer Meal Survival:
Emergency Foods and Snacks

by Kate Heyhoe


Got a hunger pang but can't leave for lunch yet? Or, do you simply want to complete that project before wrapping up? Here's what we call our "Desk Drawer Pantry"—emergency foods that will tide you over until a real meal can be had.

Many of us typically rely on peanut butter cups and Mars bars. But all they do is give you a sugar and chocolate rush before causing your blood-sugar levels to seriously crash and burn. Some of us have the luxury of a refrigerator, microwave and instant hot-water, which in the hands of a skilled improvisational cook can produce outstanding 3-course meals. However, most of us still need something we can surreptitiously eat at the desk without interrupting our concentration or work flow. So let's focus on more nutritious—and tasty—snacks to get us through the workday, all of which will keep in your desk drawer either indefinitely or, in the case of fresh fruits, at least for a few days.


"Desk-Drawer Pantry"


This page originally published as part of the electronic Gourmet Guide between 1994 and 1998.

Modified October 2005