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Chocolate: A Sweet Indulgence

by Sara Slavin and Karl Petzke


From the same team who created the elegant volumes Espresso: Culture and Cuisine and Champagne: The Spirit of Celebration, comes Chocolate: A Sweet Indulgence, a richly illustrated celebration of life's most seductive treat. Along with more than twenty recipes for such luscious confections as White Chocolate Lime Tart and Mocha Raspberries, and surprising savories including Warm Chocolate Risotto and Chocolate-Pistachio Bread, this lavish volume features evocative images and an inviting design that create a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

Chocolate: A Sweet Indulgence delves into the historical and practical aspects of the production and quality of chocolate, as well as suggestions and preparation techniques that no gourmet should be without. Complete with literary excerpts from an array of writers, including M.F.K. Fisher and Roald Dahl, a timeline of chocolate's rich history, a glossary of specialized terms, and a host of fascinating facts and anecdotes.Chocolate: A Sweet Indulgence is an elegant homage to this much beloved "food of the gods."

From the simple pleasures of Hershey's cocoa (an enduring favorite even after one hundred years) to the concentrated decadence of a souffle, chocolate is one of the most treasured culinary contributions of the New World. Chocolate: A Sweet Indulgence treats this offspring of the cacao seed in the beautiful and sophisticated style it deserves.


Sara Slavin is a San Francisco-based art director and food stylist. She is also the co-author of the award-winning books On Flowers, Espresso, and Champagne, all from Chronicle Books. This fall Chronicle Books will publish Ms. Slavin's latest book, The Art of the Bath.

Karl Petzke, a San Francisco-based photographer, collaborated with Sara Slavin on the award- winning books Espresso and Champagne. His photographs also appear in Pears (Chronicle Books) and in the forthcoming (Fall '97) The Art of the Bath.

Chocolate: A Sweet Indulgence
by Sara Slavin and Karl Petzke
Text by Carolyn Miller
Recipes by Sandra Cook
Photos by Karl Petzke
Chronicle Books
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0-81 18-1591-9
$22.95 Hardcover ISBN 0-8118-1592-7
96 pages; June 1997
Publicity information provided by the publisher.


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