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Organic Farming
Produce for Today & Tomorrow

by Dr. Joe LaVilla


Lately, all over the country, a new wrinkle has appeared in the grocery store. Throughout the store, most notably in the produce section, more and more products are being labeled "organic." For many of us, that is a term which has never been defined; probably just another buzz word to market vegetables and justify an increase (sometimes dramatic) in price.

Just what is organic produce and the organic farming that grows it? How does this produce differ from that in the bin nest to it? Are there noticeable differences in taste, vitamins, etc.? Does the product and its method of production justify the cost? We went behind the scenes, to an organic farm to find out the true story.

Organic Farming

About the Author

Joe LaVilla originally hails from Rochester, in western New York State. Deciding to forgo his love of food, Joe pursued a degree in chemistry from Cornell University. After obtaining his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the Univ. Of Rochester, he gave in to the inevitable and returned to his culinary calling. A graduate with honors of the Culinary Institute of America, Joe has worked in Manhattan, Washington, D.C. And at Spago in Las Vegas before settling in Phoenix, where he is currently working in off-premise catering. His excellent article "The Nuances of Cooking with Wine: Answers to Common Questions" appeared in the November 1997 issue of The electronic Gourmet Guide.

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